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I copied this from my Sweet Crush introduction because I'm too lazy to make new one. I'm not sure how to start this so lets just try something. I am Usva, as you probably can see, 17 year old girl from Finland. I used to play the finnish version, Flirttistoori, of MCL as Mortem but now I am Kalma in Eldarya (DE) and Sweet Crush, Mortem in Eldarya and Errara in MCL.

I'm bit of an airhead, creative, lazy and child at heart. I will probably never grow up- or more correctly I don't want to (like it's okay to me grow up but I want to see world as a kid even when I'm 40 years old :'D). I get exited really easily but loose my interest as quickly. I enjoy being with other people and socializing (even though I'm socially bit awkward) but I need also time just to be alone. I laugh and cry easily and I have really bad sense of humor.

There are lots of things that I hate and even more things I like. For example I don't like too warm and sunny summer days, horror movies (because I get scared very easily :'D), too sweet things, tea, finnish rap and small dogs. I like rainy days, art, coffee, lazing around, daydreaming, cats and metal music. When I have time I love to listen music, watch anime, read books (mostly thrillers and horror) and paint/draw.

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