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You can see Lyla’s cellphone on the top right hand corner of the screen.

PHOTOS: Here, you can see the saved pictures taken with Lyla’s phone.
These pictures will be used during the confrontations / or to start certain conversations.

CAMERA: The camera is only active when there’s a little “camera” icon at the top right underneath the phone.
The camera is there to start conversations, take pictures, find proof or clues.

MESSAGES: Here, you can see the text messages Lyla receives.
An envelope icon will appear on the phone each time she receives a new text message.

CONTACTS: The characters Lyla meets are added to her phone contacts.
You can read a small description for each one.
A notification will indicate when a new character has been added or when their description is updated.

MORE SCENES: Here, you can buy more scenes!
JOURNAL: Each scene you play is visible in the journal.
You can start a replay for any scene.

SETTINGS: The settings allow you to manage the music and sounds, and to contact the support (, to see other Beemoov games, go to the Beemoov boutique and to log out from the game.

GALLERY: Throughout the story, you will discover some magnificent illustrations that you can find in the “‘Gallery" in Lyla’s phone...


You will see icons appear at the top right of the screen (under Lyla’s cellphone).
They will indicate that there are certain actions that need to be made in that moment.

CAMERA ICON: You must take one (or more) picture(s ; the number is indicated next to the icon.
These pictures can be saved in the category “Photos” in Lyla’s phone.

ARROW: You must start one (or more) conversation(s); the number is indicated next to the icon. Use the contacts or pictures that have already been taken. 

ATTENTION: You do not need all of the pictures and conversations to continue the story. Sometimes the icons only show the possible conversations to start.


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