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Game and Forum rules
General Game and Forum rules RULES
Henri's Secret Terms of Service

>> Assistance Section Rules
Hello and welcome to the Assistance Forum
This forum is here to help the players

Do you have questions to ask or issues with the game or forum?
Here are some rules to follow to keep this forum clear and functional.


✔ Make sure that your issue does not exist in the Reported Bugs section

✔ Make sure that your question does not exist in FAQ section

✔ Make sure that your question has not already been asked in the forum.
If your answer isn't in the F.A.Q. it could still be in the current questions.
The forum is cleaned regularly so, they shouldn't take long to look through.

✔Find the correct topic category for your question.

✔ Make sure to use a correct and understandable BODY MESSAGE. Use the FORM as stated in each topic.

✔ If the formatting isn't used, your question/post will be DELETED no question asked.

Always be polite “Hello”, “Please” etc. A question that is not polite will be left unanswered.

► “Double” posts will be DELETED ◄

►Closing ⊱⊰ Deletion of messages◄
✗ A message will be DELETED if it does not meet the mentioned criteria.

The message/topic will be deleted if it:
➜ does not have a proper form.
➜ Has been exactly asked before and provided in the Reported Bugs/F.A.Q
➜ has an obscure message, NO CONTEXT/BODY MESSAGE, incomprehensible context, abstract idea, double post...
➜ Spam, Flood, totally off topic. 

Please read the general forum rules for further information.

Don’t forget that the more time it takes the team to filter through unclear or double posts the less time the team will have to help the game advance.

✔ Any player that does not follow the forum rules will be warned and punished if necessary.
✔ These rules are subject to change, to better adapt to this forum and the site as it evolves.

/!\Do not hesitate to contact the support ( in case of a problem, or if you still have a question after carefully reading the rules.


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