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Hello all,

Our team is constantly reinforcing the security of Beemoov games. Despite our efforts, a breach of security in our data system was found on February 20, 2019, having caused an extraction of some of your personal data. This violation is an infringement on the confidentiality of your data.

The information extracted is:
- e-mail address
- user name
- date of birth
- country and language
- sex

This information could be used by ill-intentioned people to send you sales offers, like spams, or e-mails for phishing purposes, with the goal of getting additional personal information and/or bank details from you.

Consequently, we strongly recommend you to be cautious about e-mails that might seem suspicious to you, or to senders that you do not know. You can identify e-mails as phishing when:
- the message asks you for bank details, considering that, in general, no bank data can be requested directly;
- the message includes spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes or sloppy, inaccurate English;
- the hypertext links included in the message do not send you to an official page of the sender who contacted you;
- the proposal sent is threatening or, just the opposite, especially advantageous and too good to be true (reimbursement, an accounting error in your favor, etc.).

We are doing everything in our power to keep this type of attack from happening ever again, and have taken several measures:
- Reinforcing the security on our network
- Changing the main password to access the database
- Making a physical copy of the servers where the intrusion was detected
- Filing a complaint with the police
- Conducting security audits of the computer system and intrusion tests by a specialized company.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please feel free to contact our teams, who remain at your complete disposal for any additional information you might need concerning this data breach:

The Beemoov Team


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