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I'm shannon!! i'm 18, nb use they/them pronouns and live in Canada. ive been meaning to play this for a while but never got around to it. since mcl did all that im here!! (btw mcl is rainn13 and eldarya is Raenn)

so about me im a makeup artist (@shannondiakogeorgeoumua). i spend most my time playing video games. My faves are mass effect, dragon age and saints row. currently pillars of eternity is taking up all my time (tho only the first one cause im a  console b!tch). if i aint doing that im watching critical role (notts my fave) campaign 2 and trying desperately trying to catch up to campaign 1.

anything 80's or musicals (poto, les mis, jcs, heathers,etc...) own my soul. as for bands mother mother and p!@td are my faves. but ill listen to almost anything as long as it interesting. ahhhhh i also needle felt.

so i doubt anyone is like even on here ever but if you wanna talk about whatever mcl or my personal insta @infinitebeef_ is the best /forum/resources/images/smilies/cool.png


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