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warning: I'm not native English speaker. If there's any mistakes, I'm so sorry.

Hi! So, um, my name is Maddie (not really, but I just prefer to use English version of my name on the internet). I'm 20 and I'm from Poland. Blue eyes, ginger hair, an absolute weirdo. Hope I didn't scared you.
What could I say about myself? Well. Mentally I'm around my 13th birthday. I have a little little band obsession (maybe I've found someone with a common music taste? Let me tell you about my fave bands real quick... All Time Low, Waterparks, As It Is, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, Palaye Royale, Courage My Love. Anyone, anything? I love talking about music). Also, I really enjoy writing and doing stuff in Photoshop. I spent way too much time online, but shh. It's just because I'm a bit antisocial and I just prefer to be hidden behind computer screen. But hey, that leaded me to a very cool internet friendship!
And how did I end up here? *5SOS playing in the background* Well, it was an absolute accident. Just came across this game while browsing the web and I've decided to check it out. Firs impression was good, we'll see how it'll be further.
Cheers! xx


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